Your design is expertly programmed into our state-of-the-art
OBjet 3D printer
Our OBjet30 Pro is ideal for the rapid prototyping needs of companies producing Consumer Goods, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices as well as small to medium size prototype components.
The 3D Printer creates a precise prototype of your design
Our CAD/CAM machining process creates the finished product

3D Printing and Development

With the use of 3D Objet Polyjet Printer we can assist the engineer in the product development stage at modest costs.   Our Dimension 3D Printer is an ideal solution to quality parts at a cost between higher end polyjet and the Makerbot Z18 FDM printer which is ideal for student projects or the home hobbyist interested in seeing an idea inexpensively transformed to a solid model.

Machining and Development

We create highly specialized fixtures, prototypes and components. Our specialized equipment and in-house technical expertise allows us to machine and build products from a wide range of materials, including stainless steels, aluminums and exotic engineered plastics. Our equipment includes CNCs with up to 75,000 RPM spindle speeds,  EDM equipment, including both Wire and CNC Sink EDMs and of course our 3D Printer.

Our unique blend of machine shop equipment allows us to do a wide variety of work in house and totally under our control. We work to a shop standard of +/- 50 microns (0.002”) linear dimensions and holding flatness to 75 micron (0.003”) flatness; starting at these shop tolerances we can get to much tighter tolerances if required. Our new 3D printing capability has positioned us to be a one-stop shop "from Plan to Prototype to Product". We manufacture parts & components with ultra close tolerances and can produce parts with extremely tight flatness requirements.

We work together with our customers to build up a knowledge base about customers' processes, equipment and needs and then arrive at innovative solutions on parts thought impossible. We do the specialized work other shops can't or don't want to do and we do it quickly, our motto is "the impossible we do today - miracles take a little longer”. 

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Serving The Golden Triangle
Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Surrounding Areas
Short lead time 3D Printing Service available throughout Ontario

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